Royal Bookbinders is located in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. We specialize in taking your manuscript, binding it, and placing it between carefully hand crafted hard covers, complete with title and author information on the cover and spine of the finished book.

We do custom book binding, any size, any volume.


Royal Bookbinders takes the same amount of pride and care in binding a single book order as we do in binding orders for one hundred books, whether your manuscript is ten or 1000 pages thick. If you are working on your family history, we can bind all that research into a handsomely bound volume, suitable for gift giving, which will be a source of pride on any book shelf.

stack of booksIn addition to family histories, we bind personal journals, albums, government publications, university theses, construction drawings, engineering specifications, legal documents, board minutes, newspapers, and church bulletins. In short, we do custom book binding, any size, any volume.

We provide quality workmanship and are competitively priced. Because of this we can boast that our client list includes customers from Australia to right next door to us. We show the same pride in craftsmanship whether the finished book is presented to a "commoner" or to HRH Prince Edward, as on the occasion of his visit here on Prince Edward Island in October, 2007.

All Books are Not Created Equal

Books manufactured today are bound by either sewing folded sections (called signatures) together or by gluing. Royal Bookbinders can sew signatures, but by far most of our binding is done by gluing. We use a cold PVA glue which penetrates the paper fibres and forms a tight bond which is stronger than the paper itself. PVA glue dries to a rubbery texture which remains supple and permanent. The spine of your book will never become hard or crack or fall apart. This method is called Perfect Binding.

How to Get Started

All you need to do is supply us with the text of the item you want bound, and to let us know what kind of cloth, end sheets and headbands you would like, as well as any embellishments you may want.